Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Murals of Magnolia & Quotes

Just before Christmas, a friend of mine commissioned me to add some warmth to her bedroom. She and her husband had recently reconfigured the room by adding a petition which allows her to have a studio just feet from her side of the bed.

She came to me with quotes she wanted to include and said she wanted to have magnolias on the petition. We worked together on came up with these designs to integrate into her existing color scheme.

The three quotes are:

It is not what we do, it is how much love we put in the doing. - Mother Teresa

Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments. - Rose Kennedy

Grow along with me. The best is yet to come. - Robert Browning

Welcome to my Home

It took me four years to find the right words to welcome guests to my home. If you were to visit my home and enter the side entrance, which is the entrance we use daily, these are the words I give to you.

New Humpty Dumpty pattern

In October one of my husband's coworkers saw the Humpty Dumpty I had painted of a police officer. He wanted one too and asked if I could paint a nurse so he could give one to his wife. This is what I came up with. They were pleased and so was I.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Trees Live On

My home church built an addition a few years ago. In order to build we had to cut down some very large trees. I was compelled to have the logs from the trees saved to preserve them in some way. This Summer, during the two hottest weeks I took twelve of the rough milled boards from the these oak trees and sanded them with belt sanders and coated them with varnish. There are twelve panels, each averaging 20"-24" wide, that line the Sunday School hall. In some small way, I'm glad these trees could live on and be remembered.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Spotsylvania Education Foundation Awareness

For the past several months I've been working with the Spotsylvania Education Foundation to help develop an awareness campaign to inform the public of how they can get involved and help the community by helping our students. We produced two displays with the students artwork. These displays were at Muvico and Borders through the months of July and August.

Mural at Tabernacle

This past winter I was asked to "warm-up" the side entrance for Tabernacle United Methodist Church. With the approval of the Trustees I moved forward with an mural using earthtones. The Welcome mats and directory signs were also created and designed for each of three entrances.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Silent Crows

These crows won't make one single peep. They are only out for looks. I love the lines on these three and the highlighted wood grain really shines through.